Uppercut Deluxe Gift Set

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The full shebang for any Uppercut Deluxe fan, or any cool guy in general. Includes everything needed to style hair to perfection and stay looking sharp and sleek all day, all zipped up in a tough military style Uppercut Deluxe wash bag.


-Uppercut Deluxe Pomade (100ml)
Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a water-soluble product suitable for a diverse range of styles but particularly popular with fellas rocking a slickback, quiff or mohawk. Its unique formula means it will wash out easily leaving no residue. The Pomade gives control and definition without the weight of traditional pomades.

-Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo (250ml)
Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo has it all. While your lady might argue otherwise, one product really is all you need to clean your hair in the shower each day (yes you need to shower daily). It contains the anti-irritant complex of Liquorice and Camomile as well as Panthenol to help moisturise and reduce oiliness. Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo gently removes product, while also containing peppermint extract to provide an energising boost as well as nourishing your scalp.

-Uppercut Deluxe Face Wash (250ml)
Uppercut Deluxe Face wash has been designed to leave your mug feeling clean and energised, without the sweet smell of roses. Or flowers. Or other sweet smelling things.

-Uppercut Deluxe Soap (100g)
Uppercut Deluxe Soap is a great all rounder. Unscented, made from goats milk and oatmeal, its ideal for everyday use. Its also perfect for those who suffer from problematic skin conditions, such as sensitive, dry or itchy skin. Goats milk acts as a natural moisturiser, while the oatmeal acts as a natural exfoliator to help remove dirt or dead skin cells.

-Uppercut Deluxe Pocket Comb
Tough plastic comb with wide teeth to get nice clean comb lines through your quiff or slickback. Keep it sharp and slick with this handy pocket comb.

-Uppercut Deluxe Wash Bag
The Wash Bag has a military style canvas finish with a smooth, signature printed inner lining. It's the perfect, sturdy, stylish carry bag for all your travelling Uppercut Deluxe Essentials. Built to last with features such as the hanging loop and vintage zip, this is a must have for your Uppercut Collection.

Uppercut Deluxe Gift Set

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