Men Rock Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack with Clear Drip Stand

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So you want to shave like James Bond? Maybe you think there’s something inherently macho about swiping a sharp blade around your face. Maybe you hanker for simpler times, before eight-bladed monstrosities that vibrate were all that seem to be pushed on the public via massive overly exposed advertising campaigns that make you feel like you’ll be worthless and ugly unless you buy, buy, buy something that after six months will be declared obsolete, when they add yet another blade and another gimmick. Well, you don’t need all that and you should stop believing the subtle messages about your worthlessness without their products too. In the end we decided a shavette would be the best solution – that’s a straight razor that takes disposable razor blades and doesn’t need sharpening. We think that for the price, this is an extremely reasonable introduction to straight razor shaving, although you are handling actual razors when you’re replacing the blades, so need to take great care, it’s safer and much easier to use than one that requires a strop to sharpen.

- Men Rock The Cut Throat Shavette
- Men Rock The Brush
- Men Rock Shave Cream (100ml)
- Men Rock Clear Drip Stand
- A pack of double edge razor blades... and maybe we'll pop in some sweets from the Men Are Useless treat cupboard too!

Men Rock Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack with Clear Drip Stand

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