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  1. Men Rock Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack with Clear Drip Stand

    Men Rock Cut Throat Razor Starter Pack with Clear Drip Stand

    So you want to shave like James Bond? Maybe you think there’s something inherently macho about swiping a sharp blade around your face. Maybe you hanker for simpler times, before eight-bladed monstrosities that vibrate were all that seem to be pushed on the public via massive overly exposed advertising campaigns that make you feel like you’ll be worthless and ugly unless you buy, buy, buy something that after six months will be declared obsolete, when they add yet another blade and another gimmick. Well, you don’t need all that and you should stop believing the subtle messages about your worthlessness without their products too. In the end we decided a shavette would be the best solution – that’s a straight razor that takes disposable razor blades and doesn’t need sharpening. We think that for the price, this is an extremely reasonable introduction to straight razor shaving, although you are handling actual razors when you’re replacing the blades, so need to take great care, it’s safer and much easier to use than one that requires a strop to sharpen.

    - Men Rock The Cut Throat Shavette
    - Men Rock The Brush
    - Men Rock Shave Cream (100ml)
    - Men Rock Clear Drip Stand
    - A pack of double edge razor blades... and maybe we'll pop in some sweets from the Men Are Useless treat cupboard too! Learn More
  2. Uppercut Deluxe Wash Kit

    Uppercut Deluxe Wash Kit

    The Uppercut Deluxe Wash Kit is the perfect gift or the ideal way to buff yourself out. Our Wash Bag has been fitted out with all the bells and whistles, including a leather tab, a loop to hang your bag with, and our special Uppercut Deluxe lining with signature print.

    A stylish choice for any travelling man, the Wash Bag has been kitted it out with all the good stuff to keep you looking sharp. Keep that mug clean and smooth with our combination of Shave Cream and Aftershave Moisturiser, and top it all off with the zesty and refreshing Face Wash, which is essential.

    Did we mention that we've thrown in a one of a kind wooden Toothbrush to keep your pearly pegs as clean as possible? Shave and wash on the run and do it in style with the Uppercut Deluxe Wash Kit.

    This Filled Wash Bag includes a Face Wash, Shave Cream, Aftershave Moisturiser, and a Toothbrush. Stay sharp on the road with the Uppercut Deluxe Wash Kit. Learn More
  3. Uppercut Deluxe Gift Set

    Uppercut Deluxe Gift Set

    The full shebang for any Uppercut Deluxe fan, or any cool guy in general. Includes everything needed to style hair to perfection and stay looking sharp and sleek all day, all zipped up in a tough military style Uppercut Deluxe wash bag.


    -Uppercut Deluxe Pomade (100ml)
    Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a water-soluble product suitable for a diverse range of styles but particularly popular with fellas rocking a slickback, quiff or mohawk. Its unique formula means it will wash out easily leaving no residue. The Pomade gives control and definition without the weight of traditional pomades.

    -Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo (250ml)
    Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo has it all. While your lady might argue otherwise, one product really is all you need to clean your hair in the shower each day (yes you need to shower daily). It contains the anti-irritant complex of Liquorice and Camomile as well as Panthenol to help moisturise and reduce oiliness. Uppercut Deluxe Shampoo gently removes product, while also containing peppermint extract to provide an energising boost as well as nourishing your scalp.

    -Uppercut Deluxe Face Wash (250ml)
    Uppercut Deluxe Face wash has been designed to leave your mug feeling clean and energised, without the sweet smell of roses. Or flowers. Or other sweet smelling things.

    -Uppercut Deluxe Soap (100g)
    Uppercut Deluxe Soap is a great all rounder. Unscented, made from goats milk and oatmeal, its ideal for everyday use. Its also perfect for those who suffer from problematic skin conditions, such as sensitive, dry or itchy skin. Goats milk acts as a natural moisturiser, while the oatmeal acts as a natural exfoliator to help remove dirt or dead skin cells.

    -Uppercut Deluxe Pocket Comb
    Tough plastic comb with wide teeth to get nice clean comb lines through your quiff or slickback. Keep it sharp and slick with this handy pocket comb.

    -Uppercut Deluxe Wash Bag
    The Wash Bag has a military style canvas finish with a smooth, signature printed inner lining. It's the perfect, sturdy, stylish carry bag for all your travelling Uppercut Deluxe Essentials. Built to last with features such as the hanging loop and vintage zip, this is a must have for your Uppercut Collection. Learn More
  4.  Féret Parfumeur Bloc Hyalin (100g)

    Féret Parfumeur Bloc Hyalin (100g)

    An ultimate ingenious life-hack product and the best kept secret the big beauty brands don’t want you to discover: natural alum stone. Every man should own one of these handcrafted beauties!

    Dating back to 1878, Bloc Hyalin has been produced in the same natural way for over 100 years. Naturally occurring potassium salt mineral has strong antibacterial properties, so it can be used as a powerful bacteria fighting, odour neautralising under arm deodorant.. Natural Alum also acts as a natural anti-septic that helps the face to recover more quickly after shaving, it even works on spots too!

    The bloc needs to be slightly wet with water before each use. This natural alum block comes with 'rolled' edges for maximum comfort and ease of use. As a deodorant it’s totally odorless, and leaves your clothes unmarked.

    A 100 gram bloc will last for several years. Learn More
  5. Oak Beard Care Gift Set

    Oak Beard Care Gift Set

    Oak takes care of men with beards like you would expect from old, traditional barbers: seriously and respectfully. Now you can do the same with this all natural beard care gift set.


    -Oak Beard Wash (200ml)

    The Beard Wash is suitable for all types of beards but mainly for all types with beards who appreciate good quality care. After all, the beard not only comes into contact with food, fluid and smoke, but it’s also subjected to shaping and care products, such as beard wax and oil, that stubbornly remain in the thick beard. With a special combination of natural agents Beard Wash ensures a thorough cleansing of the beard while remaining gentle to the skin at the same time. The sugar tensides and the moisture retaining cleansing agents, based on coconut oil, prove particularly effective in the process. Organic malt extract strengthens the facial hair, while oils of vetiver and grapefruit refresh and add a manly scent.

    -Oak Beard Brush

    The Beard Brush keeps the beard in shape, softens it and removes loose hair and dandruff. Due to its size, the handle made from oiled oak wood, sits comfortably in the hand so that the brush can be vigorously run through the thick beard. Irregular-sized wild boar bristles and extra-large gaps between the bristle tufts ensure an optimal grip of the beard hair. Regular brushing vitalizes the skin, stimulates the sebaceous production and prevents a dry beard. Learn More
  6. Suavecito Gift Set

    Suavecito Gift Set

    This awesome greasers gift set by Suavecito contains everything you could ever need to style and maintain any old school slickers hair style and more.


    Suavecito Original Pomade (113g)
    Suavecito's uniquely scented water-soluble hair pomade has a creamy consistency, combs in with ease and provides a strong grip for maximum styling flexibility. Suavecito Original Hold Pomade drys with a medium hardness, high shine and washes out with water.

    Suavecito Brilliantcreme (237ml)
    Suavecito Brilliantcreme (combination Brilliantine + Hair Creme) is a very old fashioned hair product for those that do not want a strong grip-like hold on their hair, and quite honestly, don't need it! This Brilliantcreme brings back the loose hold that many look for in a hair product that keeps hair soft (with old-fashioned Lanolin) while retaining hold (with dependable Beeswax). Can also be used as a finishing product after Suavecito Pomade for extra flexibility.

    Suavecito Grooming Spray (237ml)
    A fast and simple way to set and hold a difficult hair style. With Suavecito Grooming Spray, your hair will not become overly stiff. Supplement this with some Suavecito Pomade for an added boost in performance.

    Suavecito Bay Rum Aftershave (118ml)
    For that finishing touch - a bottle of old fashioned bay rum after shave! Get that great just out of the barber's chair scent and feel when you splash some of this on your cheeks after a cool shave. Natural Bay Oil soothes and refreshes your skin after a shave with a small bite that is reminiscent of days now gone. Bringing back the tradition, the epitome of old school!

    Suavectio Stickers Learn More
  7. Moustache Care Gift Set - The Tache Tamers Toolbox

    Moustache Care Gift Set - The Tache Tamers Toolbox

    The Tache Tamers Toolbox "everything the modern gent needs to give his moustache a thorough workout!" So do you have a fuzzy mess on your top lip, or is your face the birth place of an incredibly macho moustache? Well this kit can be the difference... It contains all the ingredients to keep your furry fellow looking his best! Firstly we have a Kent Hand Made Moustache Comb to ensure his hair is regularly groomed, then there's some Men Rock Moustache Scissors, just in case he's ever getting a bit too big for his boots, and finally some discipline, Captain Fawcett's very own Sandalwood Moustache Wax, to keep him under control in any situation, stopping even one of his little hairs stepping out of line!
    Learn More
  8. Beard Care and Moustache Care Gift Set For My Beardy Beloved

    Beard Care and Moustache Care Gift Set - For My Beardy Beloved

    Growing stubble is easy... you just dodge the razor! However, maintaining the follicle forest is a different story. This ace beard kit (the 'For My Beardy Beloved' box to give it its proper title - yes we are pleased with that one!) contains everything a blade shunner needs to keep his beard in tip-top shape. The kit includes everything you need for perfect whisker formation!

    - This truely is the perfect gift for the bearded man- so show him how much you admire his manly growth!
    - Contains an all natural Men Rock Beard Shampoo, the hugely popular Original Men Rock Beard Oil, a Men Rock Beard Comb, and some Sandalwood Men Rock Moustache Wax to keep those tips perky! Learn More
  9. Men Rock Straight Razor Starter Pack

    Men Rock Straight Razor Starter Pack

    So you want to shave like James Bond? Well this kit is the perfect introduction into the traditional art of proper shaving. With a blade sharp enough to cut your arm off let alone a few hairs this kit does require a great deal of skill and will take a lot of practicing to master, from sharpening to shaving, please do your research before attempting to shave with one of these razors. However this pack contains everything you need to get started, the perfect gift to any real man.

    - Men Rock The Straight Razor
    - Men Rock Strop
    - Men Rock The Brush
    - Men Rock Shave Cream (100ml)
    - And a pack of plasters... just in case! Learn More
  10. Men Rock Double Edged Razor Starter Pack

    Men Rock Double Edged Razor Starter Pack

    An introduction to proper shaving. You use proper double sided blades, position them into the razor and enjoy that satisfying scrape as the sharp blade deals with stubble - frankly if you can shave with this and not smile at yourself in the mirror then you're better than us!

    - Men Rock Double Edged Razor
    - Men Rock The Brush
    - Men Rock Shave Cream (100ml)
    - A pack of double edge razor blades... and maybe we'll pop in some sweets from the Men Are Useless treat cupboard too! Learn More

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