Féret Parfumeur Bloc Hyalin (100g)

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An ultimate ingenious life-hack product and the best kept secret the big beauty brands don’t want you to discover: natural alum stone. Every man should own one of these handcrafted beauties!

Dating back to 1878, Bloc Hyalin has been produced in the same natural way for over 100 years. Naturally occurring potassium salt mineral has strong antibacterial properties, so it can be used as a powerful bacteria fighting, odour neautralising under arm deodorant.. Natural Alum also acts as a natural anti-septic that helps the face to recover more quickly after shaving, it even works on spots too!

The bloc needs to be slightly wet with water before each use. This natural alum block comes with 'rolled' edges for maximum comfort and ease of use. As a deodorant it’s totally odorless, and leaves your clothes unmarked.

A 100 gram bloc will last for several years.

 Féret Parfumeur Bloc Hyalin (100g)

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