What is Men Are Useless?

A subscription service to automate the delivery of male grooming essentials.

Why should I want a Men Are Useless subscription?

It's convenient, affordable, risk-free and your monhtly box will fit through a standard letterbox. And you will always have the toiletries you used to run out of, you can cancel at anytime with a phone call or email and you can change your box or skip a month whenever you wish. We rotate the products so you never have an over-supply and the prices are around what you'd pay in the shops (we just save you the bother of having to go!)

But I'm scared of commitment!

Well, best of luck with that but if it's with regard to Men Are Useless then don't get your knickers in a twist.  You can cancel at any time by giving us a call or writing us an email.  You can also skip months if you're away or change between boxes and modify at will.  We really do want this to be a useful service and want you to feel comfortable ... come on in, the water's lovely!

What's the relationship with the brands you stock?

We are contantly looking at new brands and are always keen to hear from more (or get recommendations from members).  We have no affiliation with any of the brands we stock.  If we like the look of them, they do well in our tests and we think our members will benefit from using them - then we stock them.

How does postage work?

After setting up your Men Are Useless pack and completing your initial purchase, your first pack will arrive shortly after (packs are delivered Royal Mail so we make our best offorts to have the pack in the post within 24 hours of your order).  This does not include offer or one off boxes which take slightly longer.  Future Men Are Useless packs will arrive at 1 month intervals.  We've included postage in the price of the boxes (again - not offer boxes which are prices individually).

Do you deliver overseas?

It's not something we're set up to do automatically but we're always eager to please (we are working at automating EU deliveries at present)!  If you send us an email or give us a call we can arrange (and we can take Euros) ... we only send The Works box outside of the UK at a price of 20.99 Euros (delivery included in this price). 

How does billing work?

You are billed when the initial order is placed, for the total amount seen during checkout. That same amount will be billed just prior to future deliveries, at 1 month intervals. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and you can cancel at any time.

Can you send me items not listed on the site?

If there is something you would like to add to your Men Are Useless box that isn't featured on the website, send us an email at wakeup@menareuseless.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I modify my order?

You can change between The Essentials, The Works and the Blade Shunner boxes also, you can skip or ask for something different (we'll try our best to sort out out). Email us at wakeup@menareuseless.com and we will change your order, effective upon your next shipment.

What is your return policy?

Within 7 days of your order if you wish to return unused items, email wakeup@menareuseless.com with the items to be returned, and the reason for the return. You will receive instructions and a return authorisation number to print and include with your return. Refunds are issued upon receipt of returned items in the form of original payment.

What if I'm not in for my delivery?

Don't worry - our boxes are designed to fit through the standard royal mail letterbox. So, if you're out, your Men Are Useless goodies should be waiting for you on your doormat when you get home.

How much do I pay for VAT and P&P?

It's all included in the monthly price - we got so fed up of things looking cheap and then p and p and vat being added on top so we decided to do it differently - the price you pay is for everything to your door (including a tip for the postman)

How will I know what I'm going to get each month?

You will always have a good idea of what you will recieve - for example, there'll always be enough razors or blades along with shave creme and shower and hair gel.  Some boxes have extra items in which we rotate so there's never a glut and you get a good range of great prodcts


Either email us at cancel@menareuseless.com, phone us on 0845 643 2459 or send us a letter with your contact details to:

Men Are Useless LTD
Still House
29 East Street

You must cancel 3 working days (or more) before your next direct debit date.