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  1. Dr K Soap Company Beard Care Kit

    Dr K Soap Company Beard Care Kit

    The Beard Care Kit put together by Dr K Soap Company contains their beautiful smelling Beard Soap and hugely popular Beard Tonic. The two main ingredients to the softest, thickest, most fragrant beard, whilst maintaining 100% manliness of course.

    Formulated with all natural ingredients and hand made in Ireland, the Dr K Soap Company mild liquid soap contains pro-vitamin B5 and glycerine for a luxurious, healthy beard with a natural shine. Pro-vitamin B5 traps moisture and prevents skin and hair from becoming dehydrated. Since it also spreads evenly on the surface of the hair strand, it forms a smooth film over hair cuticles that enhances light reflection and makes hair look more shiny. For best results, apply a small handful to the beard while in the shower or bath, lather up and rinse. It has an extremely pleasant Lime fragrance, a personal favourite from our range of Beard Shampoos.

    Formulated with all natural ingredients and hand made in Ireland, the Dr K nourishing beard oil contains Apricot Kernel Oil for beard conditioning and Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to soothe and revitalize the hairs and skin underneath. With regular use, this highly nourishing oil will leave the beard soft and healthy, it is great smelling too thanks to the addition of a subtle blend of Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender. For the best results, apply a few drops 1-2 times daily, massaging throughout the beard and into the skin beneath. It has an extremely pleasant fragrance of Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender. Learn More
  2. Beard Care and Moustache Care Gift Set For My Beardy Beloved

    Beard Care and Moustache Care Gift Set - For My Beardy Beloved

    Growing stubble is easy... you just dodge the razor! However, maintaining the follicle forest is a different story. This ace beard kit (the 'For My Beardy Beloved' box to give it its proper title - yes we are pleased with that one!) contains everything a blade shunner needs to keep his beard in tip-top shape. The kit includes everything you need for perfect whisker formation!

    - This truely is the perfect gift for the bearded man- so show him how much you admire his manly growth!
    - Contains an all natural Men Rock Beard Shampoo, the hugely popular Original Men Rock Beard Oil, a Men Rock Beard Comb, and some Sandalwood Men Rock Moustache Wax to keep those tips perky! Learn More
  3. Men Rock Beard Balm and Beard Soap Set

    Men Rock Beard Balm and Beard Soap Set

    Men Rock Soothing Beard Balm (100ml) The first ever leave in moisturising conditioner for your beard! Unlike other beard softeners instead of a waxy or oily consistency, that can be difficult to wash from skin, this is a moisturiser as you would use on your skin but specially formulated for facial hair and skin beneath. Growing and maintaining a beard has never been so easy, eliminates any unwanted itching and softens thick hairs with a subtle yet alluring oak moss fragrance. Apply a small amount of balm to a towel-dried beard after a bath or shower. Massage in well into beard and the skin below. Look at yourself in the mirror - and wink! A true gentleman's product. Men Rock Oak Moss Beard Soap (100ml) The hair of the mighty beard is very different to the hair that grows on your head, they couldn't be more different in fact which is why a beard soap is essential for anyone sporting anything from long stubble to a full on face warmer. Used like a regular shampoo the beard soap leaves your beard completely clean and free from all the dead skin and food it collects during the day. Also removes any stubborn styling products with an enticing oak moss fragrance which will remain subtle yet pleasurable throughout the day. Apply a small handful of soap to a wet beard, lather, rinse ... smile! Comes with a disc top to ensure a little goes a long way. Learn More
  4. Oak Beard Care Gift Set

    Oak Beard Care Gift Set

    Oak takes care of men with beards like you would expect from old, traditional barbers: seriously and respectfully. Now you can do the same with this all natural beard care gift set.


    -Oak Beard Wash (200ml)

    The Beard Wash is suitable for all types of beards but mainly for all types with beards who appreciate good quality care. After all, the beard not only comes into contact with food, fluid and smoke, but it’s also subjected to shaping and care products, such as beard wax and oil, that stubbornly remain in the thick beard. With a special combination of natural agents Beard Wash ensures a thorough cleansing of the beard while remaining gentle to the skin at the same time. The sugar tensides and the moisture retaining cleansing agents, based on coconut oil, prove particularly effective in the process. Organic malt extract strengthens the facial hair, while oils of vetiver and grapefruit refresh and add a manly scent.

    -Oak Beard Brush

    The Beard Brush keeps the beard in shape, softens it and removes loose hair and dandruff. Due to its size, the handle made from oiled oak wood, sits comfortably in the hand so that the brush can be vigorously run through the thick beard. Irregular-sized wild boar bristles and extra-large gaps between the bristle tufts ensure an optimal grip of the beard hair. Regular brushing vitalizes the skin, stimulates the sebaceous production and prevents a dry beard. Learn More

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